Viking Spas is a family-owned company where attention to detail and satisfying customers needs have defined our success in the hot tub industry for over 45 years. Our commitment to building a hot tub that provides the best value, therapy, comfort and safety are the keys to our designs. We assure that our spa is about you, your health and long-lasting enjoyment. One that is designed with a purpose and value that is unrivaled in our industry.

From our family to yours ... enjoy your Viking Spa!

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  • Reflectix Insulation
    Add an enhanced blanket of insulation to reflect heat back into the interior of the cabinet.
  • Foam Board Insulation
    Great for sound dampening and an additional level of insulation. The one inch foam is installed between the uprights of the spa cabinet.
  • Deluxe Cover Upgrade
    (Available on the Viking Elite only) Features a black Elegance fabric material.


  • SpaTouch™ Panel
    Featuring the latest in touch screen convenience, the BP power system option provides many integrated and intelligent functions. It is able to sync with your Balboa Bluetooth Audio stereo system (BBA) and is wifi ready.
  • BBA Premium Audio
    With a full speaker in every corner, this premium stereo pairs to your bluetooth device and delivers an unbelievable quadrosonic sound.


  • AirX Soft Tissue Therapy
    AirX infuses the soft feel of air and water in a revolutionary new therapy experience. Utilizing airnetic engineering, AirX increases the air output for the jet stream.
  • Vibrosonic Deep Tissue Therapy
    These unique vibrating jets provide a “shiatsu” deep tissue massage that you can not find in any other spa. Depending on your needs, the massage can be personalized to be soft and gentle or more vigorous to relieve nagging muscle pain.
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For more information on IKON spas, please give us a call at 631-329-3575.
Or you can reach us through email here.


Comfort Redefined

IKON takes a whole new approach to spa seating. We recognize that people like to move around and adjust their depth to regulate body temperature. Instead of being restricted to one position, IKON’s gently contoured landscape seating allows you to sit naturally in multiple positions. Whether you want to lie back, sit up, swivel around or cool off, you can move easily and adjust your body for the ideal level of immersion.

Contemporary Design Cues | ARCHITECTURAL CABINETRY Nowhere is IKON’s architectural influence more apparent than in the choice of the aluminum composite cladding to define the striking angles of the exterior cabinet. Flush, screwless surfaces and contemporary negative detailing is found in this high performance and maintenance free cladding, designed to complement your modern architecture and lifestyle.

Inspired by Luxury Marine | SPA DECK IKON features a maintenance free Flexiteek deck, found on super yachts the world over. The spa deck provides space to sit or lounge, as well as room to put food, drinks and towels.


The Plug-N-Plays spas from Viking Spas allow you to have a portable hot tub, making relaxation available to you - wherever the wind takes you. The portable spa literally plugs into a standard 15 amp outlet to provide you with ease of electrical hook up, rather than setting up pipes. Simply place your spa, fill it with water and then plug the GFCI cord into your outlet. OR you can convert the power system to 240v either at the time you buy it or anytime in the future! Since this is a portable hot tub, you are able to easily transport it if you need to relocate. No digging, no installation, simply plug in where you would like. Living in a rental home and would like a hot tub? A portable hot tub is the perfect choice for you. What's left? Enjoy your new spa for many, many years to come.

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The personal testimonies from our spa users reinforce the advantages that a Viking spa provides. The hydrotherapy experience is a personal getaway, leaving you refreshed and restored each day. Warm, soothing water has proven to relieve stress, aching muscles and arthritis. Appealing to all generations, a spa is a fountain of youth designed for the pleasure and benefit of your entire family. Unwinding together at the end of the day, couples can share conversation and relaxation in a stress free environment.

Experience a complete wellness transformation of mind, body, and spirit in a Viking Spa.


Selecting the right spa is actually a very easy process. Built with the highest quality components, the right spa provides the best hydrotherapy experience combined with industry leading safety standards and warranty. At Viking, we are proud to offer great value in all of the spas we produce. We provide many different selections to assure that the spa you fall in love with will be at a comfortable price. We include many desirable “options” as standard features in the majority of our spas. This includes dazzling LED lighting, automatic sanitizing ozonation, and cascading water features. Additionally, we proudly offer a Soft-Touch™ slip resistant surface and modern stainless steel jets in all of our spas!

With the backing of our industry leading warranty, you can truly sit back ... and relax!